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Our entry level courses give our students an opportunity to socialise and develop good relationships with their peers, with exciting activities introducing them to the ideas and concepts they will need to progress. The presentation of entertainment stresses the need for love & respect and cultivates good manners, gratitude and politeness. The reactions students receive from their new found skills to amaze and amuse, builds a positive self-image and a positive attitude to life. As the students move through this phase more emphasis is placed on continued practice. This improves physical control, motor skill, eye-hand co-ordination, concentration, focus, reflexes, timing and rhythm. Other observable development includes memory, divergent thinking, language, creativity, expression, imagination and observation.

In these entry level courses, students are introduced to the basics of magic and theatrical performance, including presentation skills, the theory of entertainment and the essential elements of controlling an audience. The awareness a performer needs to have for his/her audience nurtures empathy, humbleness, patience, generosity and a sense of wonder. Communication skills are enhanced as the young person learns to express him/herself accurately, clearly and creatively.

Students can supplement their training by joining ‘allied arts’ courses including juggling, puppetry, drama, mime & clowning. The Magic Information and Research Centre (MIRC) is a treasure trove of magicians’ secrets, training materials and historical information. The popular lending library provides students with the opportunity to borrow books and media on a weekly basis. A reference library, latest magic magazines, a music collection, internet access and a ‘magic’ librarian further enhance a student’s quest for additional ‘know-how’.

Students are afforded multiple performance opportunities in the secure setting of the small classes, at the course ‘get-togethers’, and at the graduation ceremony, which closes each course. Through the social interaction of entertaining, the young people are set on a journey to discover themselves, leading to balance, enthusiasm, confidence, self-esteem, initiative and a general development of personality.

Annual contests in various fields and charity shows provide further opportunities to flourish. In preparing for performances students experience the importance and rewards of responsibility and commitment. The practice required to gain proficiency in the arts instils self-discipline, focus, a good work ethic, goal orientation, determination and passion.

The creative process fires the imagination and gives a young person the ability to dream of a new future.

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