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  Distance Learning
    Learn the Art of Magic !

    For over 26 years the College of Magic has provided training to thousands of aspiring magicians, teachers, students, hobbyists and professionals the world over, fulfilling their dreams and allowing them to experience for themselves the wonder of magic and illusion.

    Now, you too can learn the art of magic at the College of Magic ! Explore the mysterious world of magicians and discover their closely guarded secrets.

    You will be able to amaze your friends with unbelievable sleight of hand or you can learn to perform the grand illusions of the stage that will leave your audience gasping ...

    Magic is like music - it is a universal language. It crosses all boundaries and communicates with the child at heart.

    Enjoying an unsurpassed reputation for educational excellence and supported by world-famous illusionists Siegfried & Roy, the College offers Diploma Courses with international recognition that provide the perfect introduction to the world of magic.

    Our Distance Learning Unit allows you the flexibility of learning magic whenever and wherever you want—at work, after school, at home in the evenings—wherever in the world you may be !

    No matter your age, ability or profession - anyone can learn magic.

    By enrolling as a Distance Learning student, you can learn at your own pace and at your own schedule ! Rather than joining our regular magic classes at our Magical Arts Centre in Cape Town, South Africa - you'll communicate and learn online at your convenience - joining a virtual classroom of other magic students.

    By combining online training with our Distance Learning Program Pack which you receive via airmail containing all your magical equipment, props and effects - you get to learn the same great magic and secrets as our on-campus students - but without the restrictions !

    In no time at all, you'll be performing the most amazing illusions for your friends & family ( find out what you'll be learning in 'About the Program' ) and should you ever need any help, your very own Training Counsellor is on hand to assist.

    Best of all, as a Distance Learning student you qualify to become a member of the College of Magic - joining some of magic's greatest performers. You also get to take advantage of the College's full range of student services - interacting and sharing ideas with performers around the world - including exclusive access to the student magic forum and Course Lesson Files !

    After successfully completing the Course, you are recognised for your achievements and graduate with a College of Magic endorsed Diploma - and our top students also have the ability to earn credits for their magic performance work which they can exchange for free goods from the College's in-house magic supply store!.

    Learning magic has never been this much fun ...

    About the DL Program

    The Distance Learning Program follows the College of Magic's core curriculum which introduces everything from close-up, street-style magic through to some of the grand effects of the stage.

    Not only will you be performing these great effects in no time, but you'll learn the secrets behind their presentation - and the "inner work" on how to make the most of your magic !

    With the College of Magic's Distance Learning Program, you can complete your training at the times and places most convenient to you. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet and a desire to amaze your friends and have some fun !

    How do you learn Magic ?

    The Distance Learning Program makes use of a unique combination of online training and real-world practise.

    Once your enrollment application has been approved, you will receive via airmail your Distance Learning Program Pack which contains all your magical equipment, special props, Course Reader as well as access to supplementary material - everything you need to get you ready for your first magic class !

    With our easy-to-use student web site, you’ll retrieve the lesson plan for the week as well as all the info on what exciting new magic you'll be learning.

    You then review this information offline in conjunction with your Course reader. All the Course notes are easy-to-read, fully illustrated and designed with the beginner in mind - and best of all, you receive all the magic equipment and props as part of your Program Pack !

    With a little bit of practise, you'll be mastering the magic in no time and will be able to progress onto the next lesson.

    Training Counsellor

    Every student is assigned their own training counsellor who acts as a guide for the duration of the Course. Your training counsellor monitors your individual progress throughout the course, provides feedback on your magic submissions and ensures that you're on track with the many tricks, effects and sleights covered.

    And just because you're learning from afar doesn't mean you're alone. Should you ever need any magic assistance ... expert performance advice is right on hand. You can contact your counsellor at any time via email or LiveChat or interact with other magicians in our Student Forum where you can exchange secrets, discuss lessons or just make new friends.

    What Magic will you Learn ?

    The Distance Learning Program consists of an eye-opening 4 month introductory tour through the world of magic covering all areas of the art !

    Once you've learnt of the "Magicians Code," you'll be causing matches to float through the air, ropes to become mysteriously knotted, items appear and vanish at will and all kinds of miracles begin to happen. Not only will you be reading people's minds but you will even get the chance to work on some amazing sleight-of-hand.

    In the first few lessons you'll learn all the lingo, the tools of the trade and we'll even have you performing your very own mini zig-zag illusion ! Your magic wand will cause all sorts of mysteries to occur as you learn some great tips on how to become a real star !

    From the mysteries of Ancient India to the mega illusions of David Copperfield - you'll develop an insight into the people behind the magic and how you, too, can become a successful performer. You'll discover the importance of practicing properly and how to fool just about anyone at a moment's notice with everyday objects.

    Patter and presentation are key areas which you get to work on - along with some guaranteed audience favourites. Between escaping from Chinese Finger Traps and learning about Houdini, there's a whole section on illusions including the famous Indian Sword Basket !

    In addition to being able to impress your friends with some unbelievable street card magic, you'll find out for yourself how to put together your very own show learning the real work on routining and planning. To top it all, you will experience for yourself the power of misdirection and how magicians make the audience see what they want them to see and after some practice, you can even make them believe what you want them to believe.

    And that's just the beginning ...

    The Distance Learning Program is the perfect introduction to the world of magic. Your Distance Learning Program Pack contains EVERYTHING you need including the equipment to get you started right way. And as a member of the College of Magic - we're here to help you get the most out of your magic !

    Now that you know what it is all about, why not join us ? Registration is limited so contact an Admissions Advisor today ...