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Over the past 30 years it has become evident that in order to effectively run our organisation ongoing funding is an essential part of the equation. Our goal with the Sponsor a Student initiative is to secure a solid foundation of continuous support so that we can employ the majority of our resources into what we do best – making a difference in the lives of young peoples through the art of magic.

By sponsoring a student in need, we offer you the opportunity to actively get involved in transforming a young person’s life. Our Magic in the Community initiative offers young people multiple opportunities to succeed – nurturing hope and vision for the future.

You will receive a welcome package containing information and photos of the student you have chosen to assist. We will also keep you up to date on their progress by sending you regular reports and information regarding their experiences at home and at the College of Magic. On occasions when you are in a position to attend College of Magic functions you will receive VIP treatment, and will have an opportunity to meet your student should you so wish.

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