I arrived on the doorstep of the College of Magic as a dorky kid with very big glasses and a bush of hair…

I’d seen the College’s display stand at the Design For Living Expo, and I clearly remember seeing a miniature lady in a fishbowl, and watching with wide eyes as David Gore made a red silk scarf appear out of thin air.

My classes at the College ran parallel to my high school career, and they consumed me. Besides the fascination with the tricks I was learning was a foundation of confidence and strength which drew me out of my shy little shell. It wasn’t long before I was doing shows at kids parties and then restaurants and on the street. Magic is a passport which fueled a healthy sense of adventure and has very literally taken me around the world.

I can honestly say that everything good in my life stems from our beautiful Art. And I’m forever indebted to David for the gift of it. I look forward to what the next 40 years bring.