The name “College of Magic” brings to mind different things to different people.

The College is first and foremost a unique place of education – modern education for young people. Our dedicated staff, our ground breaking curriculum, our underpinning ethos, understands that each child is different, that every child has an innate sense of curiosity and, most important in the 21st century, that each child is creative.

What’s more is that the College of Magic is diverse – our members reflect the new South Africa – a small microcosm of our rainbow nation! Mix in the amazing multi-faceted performing art of ‘magic theatre’ where there are appeals for every child, where the learning is fun, where life-skills are nurtured and where imagination is set free – and you have a recipe for excitement, empowerment and transformation.

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Teachers, parents and children reported that one of the immediate benefits of involvement in magic is the sense of wellbeing and the development of a positive self-image.

Dr Jean Baxen

Department of Education, University of Cape Town


The College of Magic was founded in 1980 and is the only school of its kind in the world. Its original site was in Southfield. It moved to Constantia Road, Wynberg in 1983 and then to its present site in 1992.

The College of Magic Centre has been established in the former Bentley House, a double story Victorian homestead, built in 1899. The Centre was officially opened by the Minister of Arts, Culture and Technology in 1995. The building consists of numerous rooms, specially modified and equipped for our training programmes. A supply depot, the Magic Shop, is also housed in the centre.

The College of Magic is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organisation governed by a Management Board. It is run by an executive director, administrative and teaching staff as well as a large team of volunteers. The College of Magic is well-known by magicians with many international links across the continents.


The College of Magic accepts boys and girls from 10 years of age upwards for a variety of courses. Most courses run over a 15 or 30 week period during the year. Shorter courses for beginners and adults are also offered.


Our graduates have become successful in many fields. In the field of entertainment many have become professional magicians, stand-up comedians, theatre professionals and variety artists. In the world of film, graduates can be found on both sides of the camera – acting, as camera person or directing. Many graduates have become very successful in business, engineering, medicine and education.

  Meet a few of our graduates.

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Teaching Staff

Our teachers are a voluntary team of dedicated people, largely comprising graduates of our organisation. They are school teachers, university students, business people and professional show people who generously give up their time every week to make our special education and training happen.


In 1997 the legendary Las Vegas magic duo – Magicians of the Century, Siegfried & Roy, recognised the work of the College and have provided both support and an annual grant. David Berglas, past president of the Magic Circle and hailed as one of Great Britain’s finest performers, supports the College of Magic through his “Foundation for promoting the Art of Magic”. The College of Magic is generously supported by foundations, corporate businesses and private individuals.