The aim of this organisation is to see lives and communities transformed through the provision of educational and developmental programmes with a specific emphasis on educational enrichment and supplementary tuition, targeting the full diversity of South African Youth. 

Thus, the public benefit activities of the association are directed to achieving the following outcomes:

  • To holistically educate young people from diverse backgrounds, especially marginalised youth.
  • To develop employable skills among unemployed youth, and to foster an entrepreneurial culture
  • To enrich the educational experience of marginalised youth from poor and needy communities through nurturing confident, balanced, disciplined, organised, creative individuals and leaders with hope for the future.
  • To provide supplementary tuition in order to achieve greater understanding of educational theory and concepts through practical experience and demonstration; by means of the development of skills in performance, leading ultimately to proficiencies which will provide access to future employment opportunities.
  • To provide educational and community outreach programmes to  the poor and needy involving empowerment and capacity building, whereby they are enabled to become skilled work seekers, accomplished entertainers and contribute constructively to their communities.
  • To enhance the school curriculum using the performing arts to enrich and supplement the learning areas of science, mathematics, English language, problem solving, life orientation, and arts and culture.

The College of Magic aims to achieve these objectives by:

  • Employing the performing arts, especially the theatrical art of magic, as a powerful tool.
  • Making use of a comprehensive and innovative curriculum, the goodwill of experienced volunteers and global networking.
  • Demonstrating and nurturing among learners the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, initiative, excellence, empathy, humility and wonder.

Learners will be empowered through learning employable expertise and critical life skills, contributing to community pride and audience development, wealth creation and career development.

Nature of Organisation: The Association is a non-profit organisation incorporated in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act 1977, on 9 December 1999, Registration Number 007-517 NPO, PBO Number: 930 019 992