We change lives

The College of Magic is a powerhouse of experiences that teach young people the art of entertainment and magical performance. Our courses help children to build confidence and develop valuable life and social skills that they can carry into adulthood.

What inspires your budding entertainer? Is it large stage illusions or intimate, close-up card tricks? Perhaps it’s clowning, puppetry or ventriloquism – or the ability to juggle or mime. Whatever delights your budding magician, the College of Magic offers courses for children aged 10 and up.

Sponsor a Student in Need

You could be the driving force behind South Africa’s next magic star.

Being an NPO, ongoing funding is essential to keeping our doors open. To this end, we established the Sponsor a Student initiative, which gives you the opportunity to help transform a young person’s life.

We channel this support into some of Cape Town’s most deserving communities through our Magic in the Community project. This project brings hope to children who may otherwise have had little or no opportunities for success, teaching them entertainment skills, growing their confidence, building their communication ability and giving them a brighter vision for their future.


The College of Magic was established in 1980, opening its doors to youngsters who wanted to learn how to entertain and amaze their friends and families.

Since then, the College of Magic has become a haven for aspiring entertainers and big dreamers alike. The skills taught by our talented and dedicated team have helped to enrich the lives of young Capetonians from every community, and have brought joy to hundreds of children – and their audiences – across the city, and in some cases, the country and the world.

The College is like home, it makes you feel like you can change the world.

Course 3 student