Attending the College of Magic

When and where are classes held?

Lessons take place at the College of Magic Centre in Claremont, Cape Town and simultaneously online. Most classes are held on Saturday mornings, with a few taking place on weekday afternoons – so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Am I able to attend lessons/ training with my child? May my child attend a trial lesson? Can a friend join my child at the lesson?

Only registered students may attend the lesson. The College of Magic offers adult courses to those parents interested in learning the art.

You are welcome to visit the College of Magic on a lesson day by appointment to get a feel of the College of Magic in action. The College of Magic also holds annual open days, including workshops, to interested people and potential students.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

As the College of Magic works to a set curriculum, students are encouraged not to miss any lessons. Where missing a lesson is unavoidable, the lesson should be ‘caught up’ by attending a ‘Tutorial’ (individual lesson).

A tutorial may be booked at the main office. These take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2.30pm to 5pm or on Saturday mornings by special arrangement.

My child sometimes plays sport on a Saturday and cannot attend on weekdays. Is this a problem?

Many students at the College of Magic play sport. As most courses offer two lesson times, sporting commitments and lessons can often both be accommodated through careful planning. Where missing a lesson is unavoidable, a tutorial may be booked (see question above). If sporting commitments clash with a series of lessons we encourage parents to discuss the matter with the course instructor or the director to find a solution.

My child has special needs. Will they fit in at the College of Magic? Will they be able to benefit from the training?

Magic is a wonderful art in that it embraces all enthusiasts by offering something to everyone. Students with physical or learning challenges can be accommodated. We encourage parents to notify us through the registration form and/or discuss any concerns with us on registration. I live far away from the College of Magic.

Is there any possibility of a lift club?

The College of Magic will assist families who live a far distance from the College of Magic by providing information to enable them to form lift clubs with other students in their area.

Do we have to buy special clothes when my child joins?

New students will notice that College students dress in black and white. Owing to the high costs of clothing, new students are not expected to purchase the required dress immediately. During the first six months, students are encouraged to acquire the clothes they do not already have.

I can’t afford the fees, but would love my child to attend. Is financial assistance available?

Bursaries are available to students of families with demonstrated financial need. This may cover full fees or a part bursary depending on the need. A detailed letter of motivation should accompany your request to be considered by the Board.

Almost all magic secrets are available on the internet. Why should I join the College of Magic to learn the art?

To become a good magician, secrets alone are not enough. The presentation and showmanship skills are crucial and these are nurtured through the College of Magic’s diverse curriculum which includes loads of hands-on instruction by experts in the field. What’s more, the College of Magic ethos, the performance opportunities provided and the social interaction with other young enthusiasts are invaluable in nurturing a young star.

My child has already learned a lot of magic from the internet. Can they enter the College of Magic at a higher course?

The College of Magic only accepts new students at our entry level courses. The College of Magic curriculum is designed to progressively build our entertainers from day one. Prior knowledge, while being very useful, does not replace the carefully designed training in presentation and showmanship, crucial to the development of each student.

Am I able to contribute to the College of Magic?

The College of Magic fees are set at a nominal amount to enable the training to be available as far as possible to everyone. This is made possible by the generosity of funders and sponsors. Some parents find themselves in a position to contribute towards the College of Magic development fund and/or to sponsor another student in need, along with paying their own child’s fees.

Please visit Donate page to find out more about our Sponsor-a-Student programme, make a note on your registration form in general comments or speak to one of the College representatives in Administration.

My child is not yet 10 years of age, is there any way their interest in magic can be helped at the College of Magic?

Children of all ages love magic. The College currently only accepts boys and girls ten years and older as our courses are designed according to these ages. Nevertheless, parents of younger children are encouraged to promote their child’s interest in magic by:

  • Attending shows: The College of Magic stages various shows throughout the year, the Children’s Magic Festival in June each year being a highlight
  • Visiting the Magic Shop and purchasing some recommended simple effects
  • Visiting the public library and borrowing books on the subject

The years fly by very quickly and the wait is worth it!

What does a student do once they have completed their training?

Many students wonder how they can continue their training after Course 6, our top course. Many opportunities await them including:

  • Preparing for the Silver Medallion Award
  • Joining our staff development training course and helping at the College of Magic
  • Joining the Cape Magicians Circle, the local social magicians club
  • ‘Post Matric’ year at the College of Magic
  • Participating in LEAP projects including shows, tourism, entrepreneurship, etc.
How much does it cost and how can I register?

Details of current fees can be obtained by contacting us below. A fee is payable upon registration. 

Sponsoring a Student

Why should I get involved?
  • Make a Difference! You can make a difference in the life of a young person. Your contribution can touch the life of a young person in a meaningful way, giving them opportunities to empower themselves through the amazing medium of ‘magic’.
  • Empower one child a time! The challenges facing the African child are enormous; poverty, crime, disease … but we believe that with your help we can make an impact empowering one child at a time.
  • Transform a life, a family, a community! Your assistance will set in motion the transformation of a young life and that of their family/support group and of the community around them.
  • See what’s happening at ‘grassroots’ level! By sponsoring a child you will be given the unique opportunity of observing a young person’s growth and progress, through regular reports, and being part of an amazing process.
  • Help grow the project! For every child sponsored, the work of the College of Magic is strengthened, made more sustainable and we are enabled to reach out to more marginalised young people.
How are the funds that I donate used?

Your funds will be used to cover expenses we incur in the training of your sponsored student. These expenses include:

  • transport from the townships to our premises in Claremont, Cape Town
  • materials for training (magic equipment like rope, hankies, wands, cards, etc.)
  • smart clothes for performing
  • food on long training days
  • outings
  • admission fees to shows and events
  • volunteer expenses, including petrol and staff development
  • extra expert training for advanced students
  • centre running costs including administration, electricity, water, cleaning, building maintenance, telephone, internet and stationery.

Our annual report and audited financial statements will be sent to you. 

How does the programme change lives?

At the ‘heart’ of the College of Magic is a dedicated and passionate voluntary staff, comprising graduates of the College of Magic who themselves have experienced the life-altering effects of the programme. They are best equipped to run the multi-faceted curriculum which incorporates a multi-intelligences educational approach through:

  • Lessons
  • Tutorials
  • Rehearsals
  • Guest Lectures & Workshops
  • Functions and Contests
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Magic Information and Resource Library
  • The College of Magic Centre
  • Shows Bookings and Income Generating Opportunities
  • Outreach programme
  • Student Exchange Programmes – overseas travel

Through this multi-faceted approach the College of Magic strives:

  • To enthuse and inspire young people with an exciting and rewarding educational experience
  • To build self esteem, improve co-ordination, develop valuable performance skills  and potential job opportunities while nurturing excellent life-skills
  • To offer access to information, performance and employment opportunities, services and computerised resources
  • To empower young people and improve their leadership potential by giving them responsibility and independence, thereby enabling them to gain the respect of their families and community
  • To inspire students to be creative and productive through sharing skills, thereby giving them opportunities for wealth creation and career development.
How do I select my student?

The College of Magic will suggest students in need of sponsorship. Some sponsors favour a certain gender or age/level of advancement. We will do our best to meet these preferences.

What happens after the student I sponsor has completed the course?

There are six graduating courses in a six year cycle at the College of Magic. Once a student has completed a course they are invited to join the next level course. As a sponsor you can choose to support your sponsored student for a further year. In this way you will be able to follow the progress of your sponsored student in a special way over a longer period of time – perhaps a full 6 years!

When they have completed all six years or for some reason are forced to stop their training, you will be given the opportunity to sponsor a new student, should you so wish.

Will I be kept informed of the students progress?

Yes, as a sponsor you will immediately receive an introduction and profile of your sponsored student. Thereafter you will receive regular updates as to their progress.

Are there other ways to get involved?

Yes, some supporters choose to help in different ways:

  • Once-off donations – sometimes for specific aspects of projects;
  • Donations in kind – eg. Books for the library or magic equipment
  • Expertise – workshops with the students,
  • Legacies & bequests
Are there any personal tax benefits from donating?

The College of Magic is registered as a non-profit organisation (in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997) with the NPO directorate within the National Department of Social Development, and submits annual narratives and financial statements to the Directorate in compliance with statutory requirements.  The organisation’s NPO number is 007-517.

The College of Magic has been approved by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as a public benefit organisation (in terms of section 30 of the Income Tax Act).  The organisation’s PBO number is 930 019 992.

Is it possible to remain anonymous?

Some sponsors prefer to remain anonymous. We respect this. In such a case we would still submit regular progress reports but would keep the identity of the sponsor confidential.

Is there any form of public recognition?

Sponsors are recognised on a board of honour at the College of Magic Centre or in the annual report of the organisation. Any sponsors visiting the College of Magic or attending our functions are accorded VIP status.

May I sponsor more than one student?

Some sponsors, especially those who have experience of the wonderful College of Magic training,  have decided to sponsor more than one student. We are delighted when this happens. Some sponsors have chosen to support up to eight students.

I have just won the lottery, can I donate a large portion of the winnings to the programme?

The College of Magic has big dreams … we would love the opportunity to share these with any prospective donor!