Looking for a unique venue for your next event?

The College of Magic is the perfect place for an intimate and memorable experience, offering a selection of enchanting rooms and magical entertainment possibilities. Our venue is ideal for birthday parties, themed events, launches, seminars, conferences and almost any other occasion you can think of.

The College of Magic arrived at its glorious present home in 1992, a wonderful Victorian house in Claremont, Cape Town. The College of Magic, with the help of the community, has restored the building and continues to develop its facilities for its unique teaching and training needs.

Centrally situated in Claremont, on Imam Haron Road (formerly Lansdowne Road), the centre is easily accessible from the M5 or M3 freeways. Cape Town airport is within easy reach and the area is well served by railway stations. Furthermore, the College of Magic Centre is situated on public transport routes including a busy taxi and bus route.

For film, TV and stills shoots please contact Amazing Spaces.

Available Spaces

  • Robert Harbin Theatre

Our mini stage is well appointed with curtains, stage lighting, projection setup and sound.

Seats 30 people, cinema style

  • SARMOTI Room

This room hosts part of our museum collection and is ideal for meetings, seminars or dinners. It offers a wall-mounted LCD TV.

Seats 35 people, cinema style

  • Imagination Centre

A utility space with adjoining kitchen and wall-mounted LCD TV.

Seats 55 people, cinema style

  • Vanishing Inc. Close-up Theatre

A delightful space for intimate, magical experiences. It offers fixed, luxurious theatre seating and LCD TV.

Seats 18 people, cinema style

  • Vanishing Inc. Magic Lab

A well-appointed meeting room and workshop space, perfect for brainstorming new possibilities in a creative and inspiring environment. Offers whiteboard and wall-mounted LCD TV.

Seats 35 people, cinema style