The Magic in the Community Project gives disadvantaged youth the opportunity to train at the College of Magic, and promotes a platform for the understanding and recognition of South Africa’s cultural diversity. The project seeks to benefit each individual participant, as well as the collective lives of children and teens and their respective families and communities.

The project helps to develop youngsters’ co-ordination and a multitude of skills and competencies, helping them to focus and improve their academic performance. Through building their self-confidence and self-esteem, and directing their energies towards positive pursuits, youngsters are empowered to turn away from illegal activities and drugs.

The performing skills taught in this programme are invaluable, empowering participants with job potential and equipping them with the means to create their own wealth. The project is known for the life skills, leadership and excellence that it promotes, instilling a wonderful community pride. By offering multiple opportunities to succeed, the project nurtures hope and a vision for the future.

The needs of these students, which include food, transport, social challenges and learning support, are taken care of by the ‘Magic in the Community’ team. Students are selected on an annual basis from a broad area in consultation with local schools, teachers, NGOs and community leaders.

Local and foreign benefactors are able to sponsor these students through the ‘Sponsor-a-Student’ programme.

Indeed we have discovered that there is ‘Magic in the Community.’ All of us in Qunu wish you well with your project and hope that you will continue to touch the souls of the young people throughout our country.

Mandla Mandela

Outreach Performance and Audience Development

The College of Magic is committed to uplifting and helping the many marginalised members of our community including the poor, the hungry, the aged, abused children and women, the disabled and the illiterate and the many charity organisations including hospitals, homes and other institutions, through performances presented by our students.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Action Project (LEAP)

The LEAP project consists of training and development sessions combined with ‘real life’ work opportunities to hone the leadership and entrepreneurship skills of senior students and graduates. Various courses, advanced training tutorials, workshops, guest speakers, in-service training and individual mentoring help us achieve our goals.

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