Empower SA Youth through the Power of Magic 


South Africa's Unemployment Rate

By sponsoring a student, you provide under-served South African youth with yearly access to the life-changing College of Magic programmes.

Starting at $15 a month, your donation will provide access to magic programmes for one week.

But you see, it’s much more than magic!  

Why sponsor and give monthly?


Long-term impact

When you Sponsor a Student and donate monthly, your monthly support allows us to take a planned, consistent and long-term approach. Your donation allows us to plan how many students we can support every year and makes our work strategic and sustainable.  

Join a Community

When you Sponsor a Student monthly, you join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about changing the world. You will receive exclusive updates, photos videos, and more about the impact you are making monthly.  

Keeps our doors open

We never like turning down students to access our programmes. Your consistent support ensures that we can say “yes” to a new student who is wanting to brighten their future through the power of magic.  

College of Magic change my child in many ways. My child was very shy boy but when he started to attend the College of Magic he change. He’s not shy at all he’s hyper active. He talks a lot, he dance, he make everyone laugh. He do things that I didn’t know that he can do because he was shy. We always laugh because he can make you laugh, he makes jokes. He can communicate now with other people … so he has gain self confidence. Eish his change, I can write a book about him since he attend at the College of Magic …


Parent of Sponsored Student

Case Study: Phumile and Guy

Phumile was a bright-eyed dreamer that first arrived at the College of Magic at age 10. Phumile came from a background where he was faced with many life challenges

Through the support of the Sponsorship programme, Phumile was able to attend the College of Magic which taught him life and employable skills he can take into his future life.

His sponsorship provided him access to opportunities that helped with his self-confidence, life skills and most importantly taught him that he deserved a brighter future. Phumile made it through high school and received a bursary from the University of Cape Town to study film, media, and journalism. 

Now, after completing his teacher training and instructing a new generation of students, Phumile joined the Sponsor a Student programme, supporting our current students.