As a youngster, who isn’t fascinated by the art of magic? A world where anything is possible. A wave of a wand makes rabbits appear, snapping your fingers and a coin appears. Growing up having David Gore, an amazing Magician as your uncle is unreal. As a young boy, I was amazed at the feeling of wonder that magic created as I watched his show from the audience. I wanted to learn the art and most importantly I wanted to share that experience with others.

I attended the College of Magic for 6 years as a student. I fondly look back on those days and the joy they brought. I remember as if it was yesterday: Saturday mornings waking up with a smile, a twinkle in my eye, ready to put on my suit and go to our very own Hogwarts. Greeted by Michael Barta teaching juggling on the front Veranda, helping Mr and Mrs Pawli unload their tuck shop to feed all kinds of goodies to the young learners. After catching up with all my magic buddies it was time for Mime and Clowning class with Marian. Here I learned stage presence and comedic timing: How to add emphasis on movement to enhance what it was that you were doing. Time for lunch, either a tasty doughnut from Coimbra Bakery or a lovely chip roll from the tuck shop. If you were lucky enough to find your way into the staff room you would be greeted with candid laughter and accounts of that days lessons along with Steers Chip rolls and a cool drink among friends. Watch out for Steve Sandomierski and his latest tricks as he tries to scare Jacquee Harris with a cockroach book trick.

School holidays spent entertaining Cape Town families at our Children’s Magic Festival were always a hit. Driving to Ottery Hypermarket on Saturday afternoons in the ever so hot magic van with clown make up on (done perfectly by Marian). Flight of the stars production at the Masque theatre in Muizenberg was a personal favourite of mine as I pushed the boundaries and even flew across the stage. A dream come true as a Magician (I was doing what David Copperfield did, could it be?). Dress rehearsals, practice and timing were all valuable lessons that were learned here.

I fondly remember annual contests, Western Cape Jnr Championships and SA Magic Championships. These competitions were all nerve racking yet so exciting at the same time. We were challenged to perform at our best and put all that hard work to show for your audience to enjoy. I competed in many a competition over several years including FISM World Magic Championships twice. I thoroughly enjoyed striving for perfection and making small daily improvements in my act. Discipline and perseverance were definitely honed here.

After graduating course six, The Ginger Ninja was born and my career as a Professional Magician began. Working as a Magician gave me the opportunity to pay for my post-secondary studies in Marketing and Management, which assists me with my business a great deal. Being a volunteer teacher and performing daily in the magic classroom program was also a highlight for me. Giving back and inspiring the next generation of young magicians was a lot of fun. Seeing the joy in their eyes as you teach them that week’s secret. The excitement to go home and show their friends and family their newly learned skills.

After finishing my studies, I entered FISM Africa Magic Championships. I remember practicing for 10-13 hours a day leading up the competition. I don’t think I have ever worked that hard for something! And it turns out, all that work paid off! I ended up winning the Stage and Children’s Magic categories. To date, this is still my greatest career highlight. Since winning that title in 2012, I have been continuously working on my magic. Developing new routines and acts that I use daily in my performances to entertain. I am passionate about always learning new things and being a better version of myself than I was yesterday. Honestly I don’t know where I would be without Magic in my life. The College of Magic has given me the greatest gift and I am forever grateful to everyone who makes that organization what it is.

Fast forward to today and I am still a full time Professional Magician living my best life and following my dreams in Saskatoon Canada. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Brooke and have two wonderful children Georgina (2yr) and Richard (1yr). Magic has taken me around the world, more than 25 countries to date and it feels like a dream come true. I am forever grateful to my family for encouraging me to follow my passion. And The College of Magic is part of that family. Life feels pretty good and I am so glad to have walked this path. I guess some people really don’t grow up, I’m still doing what I was at 5yrs old and loving every second of it.

The College of Magic gave me the true meaning of magic… believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.