During 2015 I joined the College of Magic family and every person I met was so friendly and loving. As time went by I was officially part of the family. I met friends, sisters, brothers and supporters. When I was studying magic I was not taught about magic only I was taught about respect, self-love, love for others, kindness, doing what you love all the time and that competition it’s part of life and that we have to know that by all times. I just couldn’t wait for every Saturday to take part because I felt free and at home at the College than by my actual school. There was no one judging me at the College. 

I was known as a child that loves competition but for the best reasons – I was always ready to perform and I became friends with those I was in the competition with. I’ve made those who seem sad and lonely happy by only doing magic and making them laugh. Magic to me wasn’t only about winning things and competitions, it was about making people happy and putting smiles on their faces, by doing magic I get happy because it’s my passion and I always felt l like I was born to do it. Magic changed my life in a way that I can’t even explain, I was even able to create my own acts without anyone’s help. 

Today I’m so super proud to call myself a magician because magic and the College of Magic changed my life. The College of Magic was there all the time for me now my family is so proud of me because I was the first at my house to go overseas especially in New York and Vegas just because of the passion I have for the magic. At school I’m one of the known people because I’m someone with a talent that no one could ever take away from me. Where I live I get a lot of respect  not just because I’m a magician, but because of the way I was taught at the College of Magic on how should a person with my talent behave as a person, and what makes me so happy all the time and every day it’s that I’ve once made a difference in people’s lives by making them happy, smile and laugh. Today I know I exist as a person for something I’m good at in life and I’m no longer feeling useless/unwanted/cursed. 

Today I’m friends with people I’ve never thought i will be with and thats by the status of being a magician, and I’m so proud of myself because I’m one of the young black female magicians in which they are so rare to be found and that’s what makes my community so confused but also proud of me at the same time because they say I’m doing something different that they never thought a young girl like me could be so passionate about something like magic, I’m one of the young good magician and people respect me for that even adults. 

Today I’m this passionate young women who has gained self-confidence and a believer that anything I want in the world may come true. I can stand up for myself and motivate others about life because I was also motivated at the College of Magic, that’s why today I’m also a  motivational speaker. The first day I entered the College of Magic doors I knew that my life will change and I will be able to find a little bit of peace in my mind. When I started the College I was going through a lot in life but all the pain I was going through became less because I was getting all the support I wanted.

I had friends who showed me love and that the world is not only filled with bad people. I was shown that I exist as a person and I’m special in my own ways, before I graduated at the College I saw all the special things about me that heavenly Father gave to me that’s why today I’m strong and proud of my self because I’m not the bad person I thought i was. I appreciate everything I was given at the College and that God made me lend there that’s why I believe i had a reason/purpose for it to happen.