On Saturday 30th May we had an online MAGIC contest on Saturday – first time ever – and contrary to expectations there were so many entries – 42 children had gone to the trouble to prepare and film their acts – using a huge diversity of connectivity abilities and facilities, not to mention types of filming equipment!!!

Four judges sat for four hours watching, listening and assessing standards/levels – 5 different course levels – and all from the junior section of the College. One of the judges was all the way in the USA with a 6am start – how’s that for dedicated support?!!

Since then the College of Magic has moved on to YouTube streaming as a platform for the Contests – Liam Joubert has hosted these events, supported by Santika Naidoo. This has led to a higher quality viewing of performances, which the students have commented on and ‘given their approval’. Local audiences have been joined by a number of College magic fans nationally and even internationally – and the response has been so positive!

Emcee Liam Joubert has ‘kept the shows on the road’ as the College of Magic fine-tunes the innovative platforms for performance, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saturday 1st August Senior Stage Magic Contest saw four experienced judges watching closely as Course 4 students ‘took to the stage’ – online, of course – at 12noon, entertaining with their skilful magic and interesting story-telling. This contest was followed at 3pm by another four magic and showbiz experts assessing the magic and entertainment abilities of 20 Course 5 and 6 Senior Stage Magic contestants. The afternoon held a veritable feast of wonder!

The first round of the 2020 Puppet Idols took place online on Saturday 15th of August and showcased our young puppeteers displaying the progress and creativity in the ventriloquism genre, with the theme of ‘My Puppet and I experiencing Lockdown’. This was another well-received hour’s afternoon entertainment! Watch out for the hotly contested Puppet Idols Finals in October this year!

And, finally, Saturday 22 August had the Junior College of Magic students spotlighted as they entered the Junior Stage Magic Contests – Course 2, 2 Advanced and 3 [in the first category] and Magic and Showmanship  as well as Junior Magician Diploma Corse students [in the 2nd session] – young wannabe’s put their skills to the test and produced an impressive, colourful  and varied array of close on forty acts for the viewing pleasure of their peers, families and the panel of judges, local and national.

August Contest Results

Congratulations to everybody who competed in our online contests during the month of August! The winners are as follows:

Course 2
1st: Emilie van den Hoogen
2nd: Lisenathi Speelman
3rd: Obvious Samison
4th: Ethan Simpson
Course 2AD
1st: Noah Denysschen
2nd: Justine Williamson
3rd: Kiara van der Westhuizen
Course 3
1st: Sisonke Mkwela
2nd: Maelle Oudejans-Muna
3rd Tie: Wessel Esterhuysen
3rd Tie: Fikasande Nguta
4th: Luca Caronti
Course M&S
1st: Simthandile Mosho
2nd: Deyna Virét
3rd: Sikelelwa Ndenetya
4th: Unathi Makoti
Course JMD
1st Tie: Vuyolwethu Kwatsha
1st Tie: Daniel Martin
1st Tie: Anja Steyn
2nd: Liyema Peter
3rd: Thomas Wege
4th: Lindokuhle Teyi

The FINALISTS for this year’s Western Cape Junior Magician Championships taking place on 5 September:

* Riyago Maartens
* Khanya Rubushe
* Sahil Samlal
* Jenna Shorkend
* Sebastien van den Hoogen
* Jessica Williamson.

* Alfred Baba
* Tate Evans
* Jack Hutchison
* Riyago Maartens
* Jenna Shorkend
* Sebastien van den Hoogen

Course 4

1st: Ruby Park
2nd: Lihle Bomsini
3rd: Duma Mgqoki
4th Tie: Ethan Africa
4th Tie: Lutho Mkwabana

Course 5
1st: Sebastien van den Hoogen
2nd: Riyago Maartens
3rd: Tie: Ziyaad Shaboodien
3rd: Tie: Zeta Wanamaker
4th: Tristan Grant

Course 6
1st: Khanya Rubushe
2nd: Tie: Alfred Baba
2nd: Tie: Angelo De Wee
3rd: Jenna Shorkend
4th: Jack Hutchison

PUPPET IDOLS: First Round:
1st: Jenna Shorkend
2nd: Ruby Park
3rd: Anja Steyn
4th: Deyna Virét
5th: Ethan Africa
6th: Daniel Meads