Help Raise Our Roof and take our Magic to the Next Level

The transformative education provided by the College of Magic offers magical pathways to a brighter future for young South Africans. For over four decades, our institution has enabled young South Africans to break free from the limitations of their circumstances and explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations. 

We have an urgent need for expansion as we are currently “bursting at the seams”. Our programmes have seen an increase in demand, and additional facilities are crucial to ensure that our projects flourish. A magical solution is needed! 

Dream big with us! 

The College of Magic is committed to expanding our reach and uplifting even more communities in South Africa. With this in mind, we are embarking on a new phase to build a Media Centre that will provide cutting-edge technology and equipment for our students, empowering them to explore new possibilities in the world of magic and beyond.  

Phase 1 starts with a stairway to the platform from where we plan to ‘Raise or Roof’ as we create physical rehearsal and performance space, magic research and academic study zones, and space for wellbeing counselling and social assistance services.  

Help us make our dreams a reality

Take an exciting step with us to take us to the next magical level. 20 golden steps will take us to the summit. 

Your generosity will help lay the foundation of this very special facility. This means that we can move 20 steps closer to opening our facility elevate our magic! Join us today and make an impact that will last a lifetime.  

Bursting with Success 

We need your help to make a real difference in the lives of our young magic students, providing rehearsal space, magic research and academic study zones, performance spaces, and space for wellbeing counselling and social assistance services. Join us now and make a difference together. 

  • Phase 1 – R2.5 million 45% 45%
  • Total Cost – R5.6 million 100% 100%

Rehearsal space: By providing magicians-in-training with a dedicated space to hone and refine their art, they can develop their skills even further. A well-equipped rehearsal space is integral to producing top-quality performances that inspire, entertain, and engage audiences. 

Research and study zone: A dedicated computer and library area for global research and study will enable us to continue developing knowledge and resources around the art of magic. This will allow our students to learn from the best and to stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving field. 

Performance space: A spacious, high-ceilinged and well-equipped performance space will grow and showcase the talent of our young magicians to guests from all over the world. This will help us to expand our reach and reputation and provide the gateway to performing on a professional stage. 

Counselling and social assistance services: Beyond just teaching magic, we also provide social support and mental health wellbeing assistance to our students when they need it most. By providing social wellbeing and counselling services, we can ensure that all our students are healthy, happy, and ready to learn. 

See your name on the Wall of Wonder 

All donors will be acknowledged publicly – See your name on a specially designed bespoke wall dedicated to our supporters in our new Media Centre. 

Donate today to be part of something truly special. 

So what’s the fundraising strategy?

As of the end of October 2023, R5 675 607.42 * is needed to make our much-needed media centre development a reality.

We have split our campaign into two phases:

Phase A - 2023

Our target: R2, 5 million

The good news is that we already have an amount of R1 million pledged as matching funding if we raise R1,5 million by the end of December 2023. We are determined to achieve a large portion of this amount through current donors and funding applications already submitted with the balance being raised through a concerted campaign to attract individual donations from our supporter base.

We need to take 20 steps of R75 000 to achieve our goal in 2023.

With the amount raised in Phase A, we could commence construction while fundraising during 2024 for Phase B

Phase B - 2024

Our target: R3, 2 million

With a solid platform for the campaign achieved in 2023, we are confident that we can attract more support during 2024 from funders and foundations. We will combine this thrust with an intensive fundraising campaign through College of Magic events and continue our plea to our global support community. Furthermore, we intend to save costs by attracting donations of services and materials in kind to achieve our goal quickly.

The visible need for the facility and the excitement as construction commences, we know will drive support to complete the project.

*Costing provided by HBQS – full breakdown downloadable here.

Thank you for the incredible support thus far from Visser Architects, Consult Lab SA, HBQS, and Ebrahim Engineering Consultants. 

*Artist impression. Design is subject to change.